so, now that halloween has passed, i've been thinking about decorating for christmas. since there's no thanksgiving here in japan, i'm a little adrift. i mean, i could wait until the beginning of december, but that's a short time (i love the idea of christmas). but if i set it up now, the kids will be tortured, waiting for christmas to come! some stores have their decorations out, not only the places that sell decorations. it seems too early. *sigh* what to do, what to do.

hiro'ss chool was going to have some kind of event on saturday, but it has now been canceled because of the flu. so far we've been really lucky, although hiro and i have slight colds. no fevers, thank goodness. i'm kinda bummed because he would have had monday off, but now he has to go to school, and i have to make him a bento. oh well, at least we're not sick!