and yes, that is the most exciting thing we did today. i actually let tommy and sasha carry some things for me (usually i make them wait in the car, although in fact, i rarely take them to the recycling place). the people who 'manage' (that is, police) the recycling station are older folks, mainly men, who can be extremely...austere...about upholding the rules, and yoshi and i have been 'scolded' more than once. although, i think yoshi was really torn a new one once, and he refuses to go anymore. he thinks my gaijin-ness protects me somewhat. so, i about a couple of adorable kids to help out? surely the old guys would be enchanted. i was right! LOL nothing like a cute little two-year-old and a shy three-year-old to bring out the grandfather in anyone!

if only they could see them now. sasha is running the length of the downstairs, naked, shouting 'butt! butt! butt!'. i guess she wants us to see her butt. and tommy is taking off his clothes, too. next thing you know, hiro will want to join in. it's cold! we don't even have the heater on yet! i better go and jump in the shower with them!

* * *

well, hiro did take off his clothes before i managed to get anyone into the shower. they were jumping all over the couch. eww. better wipe it down after they go to bed....