looks like i forgot to post yesterday. here's what i had planned:

little princess

from the dress-up day we had on tommy's birthday.

better get to crackin', it's nablopomo! yay! more lame posts from me. *sigh* here's a badge:

and in other news:

we didn't do anything halloween, because there was a neighborhood party. supposed to be in september, on the nineteenth, but got postponed until the end of october. thankfully it wasn't very cold last night. we took a bus to the event, and had a few drinks, some BBQ and some laughs. when we got back, a neighbor invited us, and one other family, over for beer. i'm afraid yoshi and i had a bit too much to drink. ugh. i went to sleep right away with the kids, but woke up at 1:30 not feeling too good. also, tommy was missing! gah! yoshi was there, too, and we rarely sleep together with the kids. anyway, i thought maybe tommy had gone upstairs to the big bed so i dragged my ass to the toilet, then the kitchen for a glass of water (had to head off the big hangover you know), then went back to the tatami room to search for tommy. not there. went into the living room, turned on the light and just saw his tippy-toes there underneath the kotatsu. weird kid, i tell you. we have half of the futons set out, that is, the one that goes under the table. not the one that goes under the table top, though. so, happy to have found my youngest, i took him upstairs so we could continue our beauty rest in a nice, big bed. i have weird kids, don't i?