so...nablopomo is posting every day. i just write what i always write, you know. i usually have an idea that i'll write something interesting, or something i've been thinking about, but usually, by the time i get to write, i'm just wiped out and just put something up just to meet the quota.

this morning sasha, tommy and i went to costco. i got some great deals, some dishes, some clothes, things like that. i also found the turkeys but i don't think i'm going to do thanksgiving dinner this year so i'll probably wait until next month before getting one. i have to go to the school on thanksgiving day, anyway. we also have to go to the school on christmas day, but only in the morning, so i hope to have a nice dinner then.

after putting all our purchases in the car, i herded my two lovelies to the glasses shop in the strip mall, because their contact lens care stuff is always 50% off. on the way i noticed some people with gap bags, more than one and i got excited: was there a gap here now? they've been remodeling and building around the mall so i walked a bit further and yep! there was a gap! i was so excited! i've been looking for shirts for sasha (just something plain--no prints, no stupid english, just solids!) and haven't been up to driving to the city (either fukuoka or kitakyushu) so yay! got some clothes at the gap. the store is actually a "the gap generation" which seems to be a kind of outlet, the prices were lower than a usual gap.

after that, we headed home and the kids slept in the car. nice, quiet drive home....