and i think it's going to be cold for quite a bit longer. no snow, though, i think. that's fine, i don't really like snow. brr brr cold! we didn't go anywhere, just stayed home so tommy could recover (he's doing fine) and stay warm at home. i didn't even make cookies today, just vegged. rather a nice day, although tommy didn't take a nap (!) and sasha had a short nap. i think it's nearly bed time. hm...if they go to sleep early, then i can take a nice long bath by myself.

yeah, yoshi is coming home late tonight. earth, wind and fire concert. and last night he was very late, a nomikai (bonenkai, to be exact, an end of year party.) lucky me. this weekend he has another bonenkai, so i think he's not going to be much help on saturday or sunday. *sigh* when is my vacation, again?

still thinking of christmas presents....

(promise to post a lot over the next few days, to push the uniqlock down.)