hiro had an early day today, that is, a half day of school. i thought that meant 12:45 so i took sasha and tommy to a local shopping center. as we were leaving at 11:30, i got an e-mail (automated e-mail) from the bus saying they just left the previous stop. oh crap!! i hightailed it home, taking three shortcuts and a trip that usually takes me 20 minutes only took me eight. not something to brag about, really, i'm actually quite astounded i made it (luckily, there were no trains forcing me to stop), we really were there just in time. phew.

it is damn cold out there (and here's where i say i don't think i could live in hokkaido. brrrrr.) and the wind is something fierce. don't. like. it. don't i usually think about moving to hawaii about this time of year? ugh. it might snow, but i doubt it will be more than a few flakes. and where we live, the wind will just blow it away. hiro will be disappointed, though. with all the christmas videos we've been watching, i think he would like to try to catch snow on his tongue. last year it really only snowed during the new year, and we weren't even here. well, we'll see what tomorrow will be like.