...i was saving this space for bonenkai pictures, but the camera battery needs to be recharged, so, eh. anyway.

yesterday we went to kita-q to see kuri and the pinglet before they go visit family in the US. we had a great time, until we went to lunch. in the car, sasha was a right pain in the butt (she's working on being three and a half a couple months early) and actually took off almost all her clothes. she cried a lot. then she wouldn't get out of the car. and cried some more. then through the parking lot and into the restaurant. but i don't know if it was us or the mentally handicapped woman who garnered more attention at the restaurant....

then we went to aeon, and sasha was pretty good after having been fed and watered, but after a while everyone was tired and the drive home was pretty much the very definition of hell. *sigh* we're not going for a drive any time soon (which is too bad, because i would really like to take them to the aquarium.)

anyway, as for the title of this post, yay for winter solstice! now the days are going to get longer, and that's always a good thing! bring it on!

no plans for today, except maybe take christmas photos. *sigh* wish me luck!