last night i went to kita-q to have dinner (and a drink, or three) with kuri, rachel and K. we ended up at a turkish restaurant (which was fabulous, by the way!) for dinner, then went to a bar for a few drinks. there were some friends of kuri's in the bar so our group turned into a noisy party! i had to leave a bit early because i had to catch the train and the bus. it was nice to get out of the house without the kids!

in the morning i had gone to coin laundry to dry clothes. the weather has been so nasty, and we have so much laundry that the dryer in the bathroom doesn't cut it. *sigh* i got back at ten and then yoshi got ready for one of his bonenkai. he took tommy with him, so sasha, hiro and i went to lunch, then a park to play. it was really cold, but the sun was shining, so the kids had a good time.

in the afternoon, we all vegged in the house. tommy took a nap, but sasha did not, so when i left the house, she threw a fit. lots and lots of crying. i left anyway, and when i got to the bus stop, i had missed the bus by a few minutes. we don't know the bus schedule, since we don't take it often. instead of waiting 55 minutes for the next bus, i started walking to the next bus stop. then the next, and the next. i figure i walked about two kilometers until the bus 'caught up' with me. that was one way to keep warm!

yoshi has to work this morning, and then i have to brave the stores to get christmas shopping done. wish me luck!