for today's holiday, yoshi wanted to meet up with his parents and go to onsen. i love onsen, so this was no problem for me. as far as i knew, the plan was to meet up in omuta, perhaps near the interchange exit, but then we ended up going to their house. then it turns out that yoshi's dad had to go to a funeral. so, we weren't going to a buffet lunch, and not going to the originally planned onsen. yoshi also started helping his dad with his computer as soon as we got there--which was just before anyone informed me of a change of plans. hm.

so sasha started jumping on me telling me how hungry she is. then hiro started to i asked yoshi what the plan was. he suggested udon, but i had noodles last month so, no thank you. i suggested taking the kids to joyfull, and yoshi could stay there and help his dad. his mom was welcome to come, but she didn't want to. just as well, since the four of us now take up a whole table.

after initially fighting over who gets to sit next to mommy, we sorted out what everyone wanted and ordered. they all got kid's meals so they all got a toy. yay. the kids actually managed to eat most of their lunch, and didn't make too much noise, AND, sasha only ran around a bit, so i declared it a successful outing! ha! we went back to the house after being out for an hour, to find yoshi and his mom finishing up their lunch (oden and something else...) and his dad gone. then the kids started in on me, 'when are we going to onsenbath?' *sigh* i had to keep telling them to ask yoshi, and that we weren't going until after jiichan got back home. impatient children!

finally yoshi's dad got home and we went to a local onsen. the five of us had a bath in a family room, while yoshi's parents had something to eat (i guess his dad didn't have lunch). then we joined them and had some dinner ourselves. after that, it was time to go home (yoshi's parents stayed to have their bath, naturally). almost everyone slept in the car on the way home. the cold weather also came back, no more april in february!!

tomorrow hiro has a half day at school, but does have tumble class, so he's gonna be hungry. i can't figure out if i'm supposed to bring him something to eat before the class starts at 12. then i need to figure out the afternoon, what to make for lunch, and try not to forget the house guy is coming by between five and eight in the evening. then saturday is hiro's school concert/dance thing and sunday yoshi has to work. busy busy me!