it's not really the end, but if i don't do this now, it won't get done.

the guy who came to fix our house is gone. just those little things that crop up when you own a house, things you need to take care of or the house might start falling down around your ears. the company that built the house gave us some kind of ten year guarantee, so we call them if we find the wallpaper is falling off or whatever. so, dude fixed up our kitchen and bathroom wall, hopefully we won't need to call them again any time soon.

this morning hiro went off to school without a hitch. kind of surprising since he woke up at 6:30, which is really early for him. later on i got sasha and tommy dressed, so we went for a drive, then i got an onigiri for hiro and we went to the school. just in time, hiro got to have something to eat before 'sports club' and we got to watch. well, i watched (while crocheting) and sasha and tommy played. after school we were on our way home, but sasha was moaning about how hungry she was, so we went to west yakiniku for lunch. it's friday, so they had AYCE (tabehoudai) and we got a great deal on lunch. yum. ate a lot, though, so no real dinner tonight. both hiro and sasha have already had oatmeal and all of them are now eating dango mochi. i don't think i need to eat for the rest of the weekend!

hiro's school thing isn't until the afternoon, so i find myself with 'free time' tomorrow morning. lucky me. probably just end up doing cross stitch (technically back stitch) but i am nearly done with that crochet wrap i'm working on....