my cameras are pretty much full which makes uploading a pain. i've got four strips sewn together. i can see this being a one day project, if that day does not include small children. ;) sorry that the photo is not the greatest, but i hope it shows the beauty of this quilt.

my strips are not lining up 100%. that is user error, not the design! i think lining up is one of the most difficult things in quilting, especially in strip quilting. but, even though it is not perfect, i'm not going to redo it. i think that the amish don't make perfect things (quilts?), even purposely skewing a block or making it upside down. i think the philosophy is that only god is perfect. that is not my philosophy, but i do like the idea, to me it is not always possible to be perfect and that it's ok to make mistakes. especially if those mistakes don't destroy the final product. most of my projects (ok, all) have mistakes, which probably makes me mediocre, but i'm ok with that.

tomorrow is the kindy's graduation, so hiro has the day off. i just realized this morning that i am going to have to cook breakky, lunch and dinner. (didn't i do this last year, too? last summer maybe?) which may sound strange, yes i do cook every day but it's different for two instead of three. but, if i think about it, soon i'll only have tommy at home which will be so different! anyway, hiro will have a half day on thursday and then SPRING BREAK!! um, yay? yeaaaaah, i dunno how i'm going to handle it either! LOL

take care of you and all of yours, i am thinking of you tonight.