new fabrics

well, sadly the fabrics were too small, even for just making a smaller quilt. i think the original size is lap to begin with, so just skipping a bit will make it tiny! no worries, though, i have thought of something else to do with them.

first the new fabrics i got. i love the idea of a sakura theme, so i got a few more prints like that. mainly i had to get half yard cuts, but i did find some proper fat quarters, plus i had some at home, so here's to trying a new quilt!

cut fabrics

i have cut everything (but i don't have a back yet) so there's that. and i've put together two rows, yay. hiro is so into it, he really wants to sew something now. LOL


sorry for the dark photo, the weather has been awful today.

anyway, here is the previous thing i was working on:


i really liked it when i bought the fabrics, and i liked it when i first made a square several months ago, but now i'm a little annoyed with the 'background' fabric, the white one. a little busy i think. i need to change my mind about sashing fabric. something solid. maybe navy blue. ANYWAY, i am showing this because i think i will use the other sakura fabrics to make some pinwheels, and that will make a lovely quilt.