so much snow this morning! it didn't stick around much here, though. thank goodness. there was no snow when we left the house, but as we drove through the hills it began. it snowed a lot, especially at the school. there was plenty on the trees and hills, but none on the road. lucky.

today was the sobetsukai (i think) where the kids say goodbye to the oldest class, which is graduating next week. first we met as classes and the kids and mothers made a memory book (nothing too complicated, just a paper folded in three). then the mothers (oh, and one father) stood up and gave a little speech about the book and about their child's year at school. oh joy.

then we met in the hall and each class sang a song. then the teachers sang a song. then something something and then mother leaders did something and to be honest? it was freaking boring and i can't remember it all. i was also sick of sasha whining about how hungry she was and tommy running off at every opportunity (his favorite place? on stage. yeah.) i have to tell you, dear blog readers, i hate this shit. *sigh* and the crying. no, i am not going to write about the crying this time (just wait 'til next year, when hiro is leaving....)

oh! but hiro did get a certificate and a gift for going to school every day for a year. that was exciting.

after the hall stuff, we went back to the 'room' (the whole building is open plan, it's a beautiful place) and paid money for next year and got some markers and the daily notebook. and then finally, more than an hour after it was supposed to end, we got to leave. of course i took the kids out for lunch. then a drive and they all fell asleep! bliss.

yoshi will be late tonight, because he has to go to shimane tomorrow. he will be home late on friday. oh joy. time for baths, so i will go. goodnight.