macro fabric

yesterday, yoshi wanted to go to some community thing (i can't even begin to describe it but it did involve food, crafts, things for sale and even some recycling of the flea market variety) and wanted me to bring the kids for lunch. he took tommy with him, so it wasn't too stressful for me. in fact, i wanted to start sewing again, something i haven't done in about eight months or so. or maybe six months. i am supposed to be making something for a friend, but i am so reluctant to have my sewing machine out with the kids. *shudder* anyway...someone on ravelry directed my attention to the blog oh, fransson! (because ravelry is so awesome and we want similar sites for our other projects!!) which is a blog about quilting. i was hooked. and recently there has been a project i wanted to try! but first, i need to finish my previous project.

and so, hiro and sasha were 'helping me', i was measuring and cutting (and mistaking) fabric, and they were grabbing up the scraps. finally we had to go and meet yoshi. we got there, it was crowded, we had lunch, the kids ran away from me constantly and i finally got fed up and took tommy and sasha home (hiro and yoshi were making a solar panel toy car, i guess hiro really loved it when they finished) because they were so tired and cranky. thankfully they slept in the car and i got to do a little bit of sewing.

macro fabric

as for the new project, one of the craft/fabric shops of which i am a member had a sale. they had this beautiful box of fat quarters named sakura, and each print seems to have a cherry blossom theme. i picked out twelve (the only one i don't really like is the teal one, but i hope it grows on me. i think i will prewash the fabrics. i would really hate to make the quilt and find that it didn't wash well!

sakura fat quarters

twelve fat quarters with solid pink for the 'sashing' and the dark blue print on the left for the binding. i really hope this works out, i think it will look amazing!!

EDIT: the fabric is too small. :(