yesterday the kids and i went to costco. it's been a long time since i've been to costco this time around! and it's an expensive endeavor when hiro is with us. especially when we go to see the bunnies (petting zoo near the movie theater). but it was great to go when i actually needed to go, not just because i wanted to. and i managed to stick to my list and didn't buy anything not on my list and ended up spending what i thought i would spend. win!

after costco (and before bunnies) we hit the gap outlet shop to get some clothes for spring and summer. got five shirts for hiro and loads of things for sasha, including three dresses. sasha even picked out a dress for herself. of course, i didn't have her try anything on at the store (she'd kind of between sizes) but did when we got home. experience has taught me to do this before cutting off tags and washing things, and we found out the dresses are too tight across her chest. luckily the shirts all fit and so did the shorts (too big, to be honest. slim hips, that's my girl!) but i knew we'd have to take the dresses back and get the next size up.

this morning dawned warm, you could really tell the difference even in the house. i was so ready to kick off the feather comforter. it is also really windy here today, not only at our house. straight from the south, it is a strong, warm wind (completely opposite from the wind we had on thursday, strong and cold from the north). i am ready to say that winter is over! yipee! so, anyway, after yoshi went to work (yes, i know it's saturday. he left at nine instead of six) i somehow managed to get the kids in the car and we went back to the gap. i had sasha try on the next size up dresses, and noticed one of them had a hole in the back near the zipper. it was the only one in that size, though, so they are sending it in to be repaired and we should hopefully have it by next week. i hope so, since it was my favorite of the bunch! LOL

we had a little snack at misudo and then had to come back home, because airhead me forgot the diaper bag (took it out of the car to replace some diapers. i should know better because the diaper bag never comes out of the car!!) and we were going to go to a big 'fureai park' here in town, but the wind is crazy and i think it's going to rain soon. gotta love spring!