i've been wanting to do a post on rainy season, but i wanted to take a really cool photo first. i don't know of what, just something that looks like rainy season. ah well, i can always edit this post later on.

rainy season was declared a little bit earlier than usual (by maybe a day or so) but after one day of rain it was sunny every day in fukuoka! hahaha, some rainy season. actually, the words 'rainy season' make me laugh because it's not how i imagined. i thought it would be day after day of pouring down rain and it's usually more like every day weather in western washington. didn't seem rainy at all. however, i had a friend from kansas who once asked, 'why do they call it rainy season? it rains all the time!'

about a week and a half ago, though, it started to rain. and it was serious rain. the downpour was amazing. i was really quite glad to see it. by the fifth day, though, the monotony of it was starting to get to me. ugh. thankfully yesterday it cleared up, and today is suposed to be sunny (but it isn't at the moment. at least it's not raining.)