so yesterday i did the laundry and put it out in the morning. it stayed out all day because it was mostly cloudy and didn't dry well. in the evening i checked it but it still seemed a bit damp. so, i waited a bit longer. i made dinner, waited for yoshi, ate together, gave the baby a bath, put the baby to bed and did the dishes. then i remembered the laundry and decided to bring it in even though i was sure it got some dew on it. the forecast for (today) was cloudy with a chance of rain and i thought that might mean it would rain at night. i brought in all the clothes and towels from the lines (i left the things hanging under the porch out). while i was outside i admired the stars that i could see. then i went inside and turned on the computer to check my e-mail. subconsciously i noticed a strange, familiar sound: rain. it had begun to rain not minutes after i brought my laundry inside. i was very happy, let me tell you!