i can hardly believe it. where is the summer going already?? it's hot this year, isn't it? lovely, really, if i could go out and enjoy it. but lately...i feel like i'm going in slow motion. i'm just huge! and i still have a few more weeks to go. but can you believe it? i'm losing weight. how can that be? sweat maybe? i hardly move around, LOL, but once again i weigh less than i did when i got pregnant. and, i am so hungry these days! must be really burning the calories.

on saturday we had an appointment at the clinic and everything is doing well. the baby seems to have turned, but is still in a head down position. phew. no contractions durning the non-stress test. i only seem to have them after exerting myself, or at night. that's ok, though.

yesterday and today hiro has been in cloth diapers. i'm hoping it will help motivate him to use the potty. we missed an opportunity this morning: i was trying to get hiro dressed, and yoshi took all his clothes and pull-up diaper off. then he just expected hiro to come to me (i was in the living room and they were in the next room) so yoshi came into the living room. so hiro peed on the floor. ARGH!! i'm not upset about the peeing on the floor, only that he could have peed in the potty (which i had just gotten out and set up for hiro) but nooooo, my husband couldn't be bothered bringing hiro...*sigh* yes, i'm blaming my husband, and i probably shouldn't, but dammit! oh well, plenty of other opportunities i guess.

on sunday we went to the karaoke festival, but we didn't win anything. i messed up so badly, i'm really quite disappointed with myself and didn't enjoy it at all. if i had sung well, i wouldn't have minded so much (the first and second place winners did very well), but i hadn't quite memorized my song and mixed up the lyrics. oh well. i think yoshi did well, at least better than the person who got second place, but what can you do? we had a nice indian curry (even though i couldn't taste it) before we left the city, though, so that was nice.

i caught a cold last week, i started feeling poorly on thursday evening. i got some medicine from the clinic on saturday, but it only works a little, and it makes me dehydrated, not something i want during pregnancy. my nose is so stuffy and i can't taste anything. yay for me.

i've also been really easily irritated recently. i don't know if it's the pregnancy, the heat or just my charming personality. i think it's the third, i'm such a bitch IRL. *sigh* hopefully my husband won't divorce me and my son won't grow up to hate me.

anyway, i hope everyone is enjoying their summer.