several people have said they wish to buy me a pedicure. thanks. but it's not necessary. really. one reason i wanted one was because the nail salon in the kashihama aeon was having a special in july (2500 yen for filing, color and one art, plus i think a little smoothing...something for sandal weather i'm sure...) but i'm not dying for one. plus, i trimmed my nails myself the other day so it's all fine.

this darn cold seems to linger. and i think hiro has it. very whiney, especially when i cough or blow my nose. very annoying! LOL he does spend much of the day in cloth diapers, but he really doesn't seem to notice either way. oh well, at least i'm saving money on diapers (and the laundry isn't that difficult...)

tonight we're going to a BBQ, that should be fun. hopefully i'll bring my camera (i haven't taken many pictures lately.)