i forgot to tell you about the preying mantis that tried to eat me on thursday! how could i do that? it was so funny.

on thursday morning, on our way out the door to go to costco, i saw a young preying manits on the wall near our front gate. i wished it a merry, 'good morning', because i know those things eat other bugs (YES!!) sure, they're creepy looking, and they FLY, but hey, they usually don't bite people (the only person i know that was hurt by one was a little boy a friend told me about. he was bugging (hehe) the poor creature and it finally pinched him. serves him right!) anyway, i had lots of things to put in the car and so had to make two trips from my front door. on my second pass, the stupid preying mantis took a running leap at me! i was like, 'hhheeeEEEY!', but laughing because really, it was such a small thing. and, do i look like a bug?? and, at pregnancy-size, it must have thought it hit the jack-pot and was never going to go hungry--EVAR! LOL

here's a pic i took of it later in the day, on the gate:

please don't eat me