so yesterday i had an appointment, it was the last chance to get a 4D ultrasound of the baby, but...well, the position was not good and so no 4D this time around. too bad.

the baby didn't seem to gain in size, but i did. i was ok with my weight, but i forgot that i lost a kilo at the last appointment so this time it looked like i gained two in two weeks! oops! i got a 'red mark' for that. *rolls eyes*

starting next week i have appointments every week. and, i have to go alone with hiro because yoshi is going 'home' for his cousin's wedding on saturday. *sigh* i really wish the clinic still had baby sitters. at least i don't have to have a non-stress test!

obon is upon us and the clinic will be closed until wednesday. this is NOT the week to go into early labor! LOL