well, not exactly. this morning hiro had a little meltdown, but since it happened at home it wasn't too big a deal. (it involved toilet paper, let's leave it at that...)

today my friend got back from her trip home to england. she told me when she left that she'd be in costco on the tenth of august so of course, i had to go and see her! she is so much fun and so funny, it was great to see her. i also saw some friends of yoshi's so i think i'll have to tell him i went to costco today! haha. my friend had taken her kids with her, and her husband picked them up from fukuoka airport and then they went to costco. by the time hiro and i caught up with them they had two baskets full of things!! wow! her kids were funny, when she commented on the size of my belly, her eldest son asked, 'is she still pregnant??' LOL

we had a snack together (lunch?) at costco, and then they had to go (they live at least three hours away!). since i had driven the distance to costco but didn't buy anything, i decided to go to diamond city. it's only about ten kilometers from there, and on thursdays the baby room has a nurse that gives free advice about babies. i had hiro weighed (9.4 kilos with clothes on) and we measured his height (FINALLY he's more than 80 centimeters!!) then he was tired and had a tantrum when i tried to put him back in his stroller, but then he fell asleep right away letting me shop in peace! this AEON shopping center has a lot of stores, including an OSH-KOSH, which has a lot of cute clothes (but not a GAP, which i really wish they had! it sucks trying going to downtown fukuoka or kita-q). my favorite is kaldi coffee, because they had big jars of the raspberry preserves i like (but they didn't have any today!!) and i can get small jars of classico spaghetti sauce (expensive, but i don't need the half-gallon jars they sell at costco!) anyway, that was probably the last time i went there until after the baby is born, because it's at least an hour's drive from the house, and just too far at this point.

so, i'm thirty-five weeks. just a month to go! i'm due september 13 (a week before my b-day!) and i really hope the baby is born in september! (just maybe not on the thirteenth, LOL)