mom, brace yourself... on friday, i cleared off the kitchen table!! you ok mom? LOL

as many of you know, i am, at best, an indifferent housewife. this pregnancy kick is the perfect excuse! LOL ok, ok, i don't really like to live in filth. and it's not that bad (most of the time.) but there are certain things i hate to do, mainly vacuuming and dusting. anything with water is fine (dishes, bathroom, toilet...). yoshi refuses to do laundry, but that's ok because i once caught him using straight bleach on some 'ring-aroung-the-collar' on a brand new blue and white shirt i had got him. good thing it was only 500 yen! LOL

anyway, so that you won't think my mom is a clean freak or something, but when i lived at home with my parents, everything i brought home ended up on the dining room table. at mealtimes, it got shifted to a chair. it was pretty bad, with my mom giving me a hard time about it constantly! haha. but, wouldn't you know, i've married a man who leaves all kinds of crap on the kitchen table.! LOL that's why i said my table is packed with food the other day. all kinds of snacks that yoshi buys (and i won't touch. you know, dried squid and stuff. gross.) ends up on the table. ew. and my table is pretty much my kitchen counter *sigh* so it's always covered in something.

however, on friday, i must have been motivated. call it the nesting instinct, or just plain embarassment (my mom is coming in less than two weeks!!), but somewhere a new burst of energy has come over me and i cleaned the damn table off. i need to take a picture to prove it!! LOL actually, it was more than that...we were having someone, a stranger, over, so i vacuumed and mopped. how's that for cleaning! and, i didn't get tired. (a couple of weeks ago brushing my teeth knocked me out!)