hand-made bento bag

isn't it cute? i couldn't find any elephant fabric that i liked (but, i didn't expect to) and first i got some super-cute stitch fabric (from disney's lilo & stitch) but after racing off to the restroom so hiro could use the toilet, i saw this (mushroom & ladybug) fabric in the discount bin. i thought i would use this first just in case.

it's a bit smaller than the sample, which surprised me a bit, but since hiro's bento is small it's fine. i can also put a spoon and fork set in, as well as the lunch mat (which is almost finished, i need to do a little whip stitching). i measured the finished product and it seemed like the sewing allowances were included in the pattern, but now i don't think so. but no worries, it still came out great, and cute, and wasn't that difficult to make.

drawstring part

and hiro's new bento:

elephant bento