today when we were at the fabric store (in the AEON super center okagaki), hiro wet his pants. i lifted his shirt and sure enough, his jeans were wet. the employees who were helping me (they are having a special ordering thingamajig, and i ordered another bobbin case for my embroidery floss) noticed (poor hiro!) and commented on it, but didn't really make a big deal about it (no 'kaiwaisou!'s or 'eeeehhhhh?!?'s, though one lady did ask him if he was uncomfortable) i think it finally clicked for hiro. for the rest of the day, whether he was wearing a diaper or a pair of underpants, he used the toilet to go pee (he did poo in his diaper, though). i think this is a big breakthrough! i guess we'll have to see what tomorrow brings...

traffic jam

this afternoon i had to go out to get eggs (what?! didn't i go to the super-center?!) so to make it worth the drive, we went to global arena to play. even tommy got down and in the action, he was so cute!

crawling maniac

and a picture of sasha's wild hair. it's never been cut, though yoshi keeps bugging me about it. it can be a pain, but i want to take care of it. the thing is, she keeps pulling the pony-o's out! lol

sasha's crazy hair