hey! only a hundred more to a thousand. whew!

this morning we went to mr donut which was something of a nightmare as both hiro and sasha screamed (at different times). what a pain. i wanted to go to the cosmos field (well, the flower field in fukutsu which is mainly cosmos at the moment) but i nearly took them straight home. but the weather is beautiful today and i actually had my nikon with me for a change, so we went.

picture with flowers

as usual i got many pictures of these amazing flowers, with a few sunflowers as well. i LOVE sunflowers! i also got lots of bee pictures. i must have at least 50 pictures with a bee in them! i have uploaded some to flickr, and will probably upload more later. here are some of my favorites:

beautiful sunflowers

in a field


sasha with cosmos

hiro with cosmos


we got there right at mid-morning, just as van after van after van of elderlies pulled in from their care-houses. needless to say, the kids were very popular, especially tommy!!