view from the balcony

i wasn't sure if i was going to go to the game or not. i think the kids are still a bit too young to really understand about the game. we don't watch it on tv here, and it's been too cold to go out and teach hiro how to catch (note to self: buy glove and ball for hiro). *is* a nice box, and i love baseball, so...ok. yesterday morning yoshi told me he wouldn't be home in time to meet us there, so it was all up to me.

fukuoka yahoo! dome

this time the seats were on the third balcony (sixth floor) but RIGHT behind home plate (well, pretty close.) we had a great view even if we were far away, but hey, you can always watch the TV in the room...

view from the box

watch the game

it was opening night, and the owner of the team was in the box next to ours! how exciting....well, not really because i don't know the guy and really couldn't care less. but the hawks kicked some buffalo butt, it was a really good game! wada was on the mound, and pitched all nine innings. that probably doesn't mean a lot to any of you but he was drafted right out of high school, in shimane, when we lived there.


tommy and hiro received a lot of attention from yoshi's coworkers (some who also won tickets, but some who also received some tickets from yoshi). sasha was her usual shy self and rebuffed a lot of attention thrown her way. ah well, she's two. lol

hiro and tommy watching the game


hit the balloon

yoshi did manage to get to the dome...after the game ended. we all went home together. the kids really missed daddy!