cookies and milk

i did it! i finally did it! i got my chocolate chip cookie recipe to work! yay! i'm not exactly sure why it worked, but i'll tell you what i did. i got the idea from shinshu life, who mentioned some time ago that japanese flour is not self rising. now, i didn't use self rising flour back home, either, but i think it really points out that japanese flour is not all-purpose, even if you buy the "chu" flour. but anyway, i added some baking powder. not a lot, just a pinch or two to the recipe, but i think it did the trick! i experimented yesterday with oatmeal cookies (on the right) and since they turned out so well, i tried with choco chip today. hey, i figure i've made so many missed batches that one more wouldn't make a difference! lol after i mixed it up (except for the chips) it wasn't quite right so i added a bit more flour. then a bit more. i also baked them at 170 C for ten minutes (because i think i undercooked them the last time and THAT didn't work!) and i am so pleased with them!

yum yum!


in other news, yoshi isn't getting home until late tonight so he can't go to the baseball game. which his company gave him tickets for. so lame. they give away these tickets, and i think that they put the winners at the top of the list for an away business trip! seriously, this happened last year. ok, ok, so it is spring and the growing season is starting (yoshi works for a juice/veggie company) but the timing is a bit suspect if you ask me....