sorry i haven't updated in a few days. nothing new to report. i was also down in the dumps, feeling blue, throwing myself a pity party (i am *excellent* at feeling sorry for myself, too bad i can't bottle that up and sell it! /sarcasm). you can tell by this post i was a hormonal mess, thanks PMS! :P we had a nice quiet weekend, though, and i had plenty of time to myself to recharge. whew. too bad it was so damn cold and windy and rainy! *sigh*

something happened today though, that has me miffed. today was supposed to be a half day (yeah...supposed to. you can guess....) but when i got to the bus stop just before noon, yoshi called me and said there had been a change in plans. WTF?! i check the hand outs, i even asked yoshi this morning what the half day meant (did i have to go to the school to pick up hiro? etc.) but it looked like it was a volunteer day to repair the picture books. LUCKILY, i had prepared lunch in advance and we were just waiting for hiro to get home but the SUCKY PART is: hiro didn't want to go to school this morning. he was wailing and the teacher actually picked him up to put him on the bus. he just wanted mommy, he didn't want to go to school. :( i told him it was a short day and he would come home and have lunch with us. when i was trying to get him dressed for school he asked me to make his favorite (holes) and i promised him. and now, it's not a half day and he doesn't have a bento at school.

so, i put some holes in a container and i took them to the school but the SECOND SUCKY PART: tommy and sasha didn't get their lunch right away. i got them some chocolate bread from the conbini on the way but...*SIGH* poor babies. something like this seriously wrecks the day. sasha wanted to go into the school. hysterics. sasha fell asleep in the car on the way home, so delayed lunch for her. tommy DIDN'T sleep in the car so give him lunch and HOPE he goes to sleep after. sasha wakes up in the car and hysterics again. lovely. give her lunch but she obviously needs more sleep. don't think THAT'S going to happen.

i'm not very upset but i don't like it when things like this happens. ESPECIALLY after i made hiro a promise. *sigh* thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday!