met up with some friends today. yesterday i got most of the kids' summer clothes out and sorted through them, taking out the current sizes and putting away the bigger ones. i also went through most of the winter stuff and put away things for tommy. still lots of laundry to go through, though. anyway, i found a lovely spring dress for sasha that i got a costco, a floaty thing that she just loves. she wore it today and i *meant* to take pictures, but i was busy chatting (and eating yummy chocolate from new zealand) while sasha and tommy played with three other (beautiful) little girls (lucky tommy *wink*) so i didn't really get a chance to get the camera out. oh, and sasha and tommy tried to leave the garden several times so kuri and i had to chase them down. keeps us busy! lol

anyway, i had to leave kinda early because i need to be here for the bus. then i took all three kids to the supermarket (INSANE!) because we needed rice and diapers (that seems a bit random....) no one got enough sleep this afternoon (my fault!) and now i just want them to go to bed! (right now they're out with yoshi. ugh. time for bed, ya'll!)

tomorrow is hiro's last day before the rest of golden week. yipee! yoshi has to work on saturday and sunday (boo!) but we'll be heading off to miyazaki on monday. oh! and my brother will be coming to japan tomorrow and joining us on sunday. phew! we'll be busy!