sasha smiles

i meant to put up a post yesterday about my ongoing projects, but it was pretty hectic so i never got around to it. i should (hopefully) get it out later today, so please look forward to it! pictures are up on flickr for a preview....

this morning i finally got a picture of hiro in his summer uniform. very cute, if you ask me. i also took a picture of sasha in a dress made by my mother's friend. i think it's meant to be a dress for a baby, but sasha just wouldn't sit still when i tried to take her picture.

back of the dress

funny face

must lie down!

fall back

so this morning we paired it up with a pair of pants, but i think it just looks better as a dress. what do you think?

baby dress

and hiro was giving goofy faces this morning. what a nut!

summer uniform