noisy neighborhood pheasant

our neighborhood has pheasants. such a noisy bird!! we have heard it often, and also last year (i may be wrong but maybe even hear it over winter!) so it definitely stays around. it's cautious of people, but we have seen it from time to time...just never when i have a camera with me! the other day it was in front of the house so i quickly got the nikon and went out to shoot it but! the battery was dead. bummer. i looked for the compact camera but by the time i got outside again, i couldn't see it.

later that day i heard it again so i grabbed the camera (the little one) and found it down the street. i used the zoom but really couldn't get close so these are the best i could do. hopefully next time i see one, the nikon will be all charged up and ready to go!

pheasant on the wall

pheasant hiding