yesterday sasha and i took a long road trip. first we stopped by kuri and ping's to meet up, then we drove (mini-caravan! LOL) to rachel's for erica's second birthday party. it's rather a long way, though it didn't seem like it in the morning, maybe because we stopped at kuri's first. anyway, sasha clung to me like a limpet most of the time. that's ok, because it was just her. she did want to go outside when everyone was doing bubbles, but didn't want to go on her own. it's funny, because when we're in situations where she is comfortable, she'll wander off on her own. as long as she knows where i am! all in all we had a lovely time. the drive home was a bit of a nightmare, though, but only because i kept taking the wrong road. oops! the swift doesn't have navigation like the gaia, so i kinda kept going the wrong way. i learned a little bit more about kokura-ku, both kita and minami! LOL

it started to rain last night, and it rained pretty much all day today, too. ugh. i was thinking about it and we haven't been to the mall in kashiihama for a long time, so today we went. they are remodeling most of the stores there, it's a big mess! but we had a nice lunch and kaldi was open, so i was happy. i also got some bags (shhhh) because the shop was having a closing sale. gotta have new bags! hmmmm....

oh! last saturday i was having some 'me' time when i saw five jets flying in formation. it was so cool! there is an airbase (japanese) nearby and i guess they were practicing for an airshow that they had on sunday (yesterday). i was most impressed, i love seeing jets flying in formation or making things in the sky with their exhaust. maybe we can catch another show some time in the future.

ok, kidlets are in the genkan doing kidlet things, so i had better get them in their pj's! later, dudes.