so, i 'did' wii fit every day last week. i guess technically i did wii fit plus for six days, since i got that on monday after i already did the regular wii fit in the morning. whatever. basically, it will sync itself to wii fit if you already have it. pretty cool. (i don't think i ever mentioned that our wii fit restarted itself somehow and we were back to zero. i TOTALLY lost any motivation at that point, although to be completely honest, i wasn't doing it much then, either.) it's been interesting. i do like the yoga moves (for the most part, although the tree pose kicks my ass. hate it.) and some of the training moves. and the balance games are mostly fun. i really like the new plus training, esp. the bike and the snowball fight. i don't like the golf bit (really weird) but that's about it.

doing the yoga every day shows me how my strength does improve (so, this week i did the tree pose every other day or so, and i am getting better at it so that's encouraging.) i'm not really expecting to lose loads of weight, but i am hoping for some toning and some motivation!

i haven't done any personalization in 'my menu', mainly because i really starting off as a beginner and i want to get some of the moves 'mastered' before making a program. i am looking forward to that, though. so far, we really like wii fit plus!