we can definitely feel it, it's colder. especially at night. yesterday i got the kids' fleece sleepers out (to see which ones fit) and since they love these pajamas, they insisted on wearing them last night. no one complained about being too hot! i remember it snowed in november last year (but not much more, though i guess it snowed a lot at new year, while we were at my in-laws' house, where it didn't snow much) but i don't remember it being this cold this early. in some ways i am enjoying this autumn, a season i like the least. cooler days, but sunny, and lots of mikan already!

i think i have a little head cold, but hopefully it won't develop into anything more serious. i'm also doing wii fit most days (but, not every day. but i try to walk first thing in the morning). the problem is my foot, i think i hurt it somehow, but it doesn't hurt enough to justify going to the doctor. it's been nearly two weeks, though, so i should probably start thinking about where i should go to have it checked out.

well, hope everyone is enjoying the weather, wherever they are.