so you don't think we've disappeared. and to push that clock down.

very very cold today. even snow. but, as i predicted, it was so windy that the snow just blew away. it was kinda cool to drive in it, though. today was hiro's last day of school (for this term) and they had a kind of concert (or something) but sasha puked in the car on the way there, so i just hustled him out of there (with the assistance of the kind teachers, of course) and took everyone home and got her changed. poor sasha, she has this cough that gets rough and makes her throw up. no fever, no runny nose (except when she cries because she puked) and the OTC medicine controls the cough, so i haven't taken her to the doctor, but if it's bad tomorrow, i will probably take her in the morning.

sorry, gotta cut this short, sasha is whinging at me (which i thoroughly hate. grr.) gott get some kids into bed!