so, i went to the house yesterday to take a picture and i saw....INSULATION!! you can not believe how happy i was to see it!! (and how sad is it that i get excited over insulation?) the house also had a front door which excited me to! now i can't wait to move in and close the door on the rest of the world! woo-hoo!

my first week of teaching went well. i actually enjoyed it, even the 'problem' class went well. although the teaching went well, poor little sasha did not. thankfully this will only be until the end of january. (kuri, i can maybe meet you on a tuesday if that's a good day for you. please e-mail me. oh, and you know about the new AEON/Jusco near Space World, don't you? maybe we could meet there some weekend. personally, i'm hoping they have a starbucks and a kaldi coffee farm...*squee*)