or at least a neglectful one.

i figure that hiro played with my camera because 1) i'm always taking pictures and he wanted to play with mommy's toy, and 2) yoshi's always complaining about the mess and putting things away. so, hiro's toys are in his toy bin and he can't see them, so he doesn't know where his toys are.

at the time of the mutilation, i was upstairs changing sasha and getting her dressed. so, i wasn't smoking crack or smuggling pandas, but doing something that needed to be done. and i didn't leave the camera on the floor. it was on the desk next to the computer, because i had uploaded some pictures. hiro climbed up onto the chair and got his grubby mitts on my camera. *sigh*

i gave him a time out and then afterward i dumped all his toys out on the floor. things improved after that--i mean, he played with his own toys. but my camera was broken. the battery needed to be recharged, so i put it in the charger, but later the camera still didn't work so i took it to yamada denki. they couldn't fix it there (duh) so they're sending it to the manufacturer. they told me that since it was damaged by my son then the manufacturer's warranty may not cover it. duh. but when we got the camera we bought the five-year warranty from yamada denki and i thought that should cover it, but i am unsure....*sigh*

i am lost without the camera. recently i have been taking so many pictures. it's my only creative outlet. i haven't stitched in months (way too much of a hassle to take everything out when a toddler is on the loose!) and i have only just begun knitting (so, i suck and i've lost intrest at the moment.) i can't go to karaoke and my cd's are becoming boring...(oh! and i wish i could use some internet radio but it defeats me. i haven't really heard any new songs in YEARS!)

anyway, i cried for ten minutes after i found my poor broken camera. which is waaaay too much of a reaction, so i bought a pregnancy test. thankfully negative!! so it must be other hormones. ugh. i hate feeling so blue.

i need to spend more time with hiro. we used to do our own thing and then play with each other, but now that sasha is on the scene, i think i should cut my 'me' time (internet) *sob* and play with hiro. and show him where his toys are.