lying back, originally uploaded by illaheebaby.

hiro and sahara got along so well. she is two years older and was so sweet! i think maybe she was getting a kick out of being a 'big sister' for a change (she has two older brothers). i know she goes to daycare so she probably spends lots of time with younger children. but most of the time hiro is alone with me. when we see other kids he wants to play but doesn't know what to do. and we're usually in a situation where he cannot play with them (shopping or whatever). he and sahara ran around and shouted and played. it was great.

i should probably start taking him to meitomu. they have a daycare room for kids to play in. however, mothers have to stay there, too. and (to save costs, perhaps) the entire building does not have garbage cans or rubbish bins so you have to take home whatever trash you make (i.e. diapers). at the moment that's a PITA because of sasha and her frequent diaper changes.

yesterday was so rainy! it was good because this summer was pretty dry (but not tragic because rainy season was so rainy!). today is gorgeous and sunny, if a bit cold (hey, i'm wearing tights and socks!!) so i think hiro should play outside! gotta go...