well, i did it. i posted every day in november. yay!

it really wasn't that hard. hahaha. i am a stay at home mom with a part-time job (only one or two hours, three days a week. and only until the end of january.) i have two small children, but one sleeps 12+ hours a day. the other can't run very fast. my husband is gone for most of the day, at least ten hours. thus, it shouldn't have been hard.

and the topics! we went to miyazaki for the weekend, construction started on our house, the food, the diet, my wallet, japan, thanksgiving, the KID (geez), my camera *sob*. what didn't i blog about? oh yeah, the election (didn't vote again this year.)

thank you for all the kind comments. it was fun. and i learned that i can write every day on my blog. probably not going to happen, not after life gets boring again. but i enjoyed it. i hope you did, too.