on saturday, the school where i'm substituting had its christmas parties. he splits the kids into two groups and has two parties. that's probably a good idea on several levels, but oh! what a busy day for him! he asked me to help with the first party, which was for preschoolers. it actually was a lot of fun for me. controlled mayhem is what i'll call it. but the kids enjoyed it, which is the most important part!

yoshi came with me, but there wasn't enough room there at the school for them to wait. so, before going to the school, i took yoshi to the new AEON to have him check it out. after i went to work, he took the kids back there. then he met his brother. he lives in kitakyushu, but for the past three months he's been in chiba. he comes back to kita-q to see his girlfriend. aw, how sweet! anyway, they met up and then met me at the school when i finished. of course, the baby girl was famished so i had to feed her. yoshi had to take his brother back to his car, and plans were made to meet up later (the girlfriend was sleeping--she's a nurse and has been working the night-shift apparently). they had plans to go to omuta, so we only chatted briefly. yoshi, hiro and i had lunch/dinner at AEON and then returned home. that was a nightmare because of really bad traffic and rain! the traffic was bad because sasha got hungry again and the rain was bad because i had left the laundry hanging out! oh well, we eventually fed the baby and got home (but the clothes were wet!)

that night after the children were in bed, i was in the other upstairs room reading. just relaxing and enjoying a book when...i was adjusting my hair and stuck my finger in my eye! ouch! i waited for the tearing to stop. it wasn't too painful, but my eye kept tearing. and sometimes it would be painful, but not really. maybe an hour later, yoshi came up to go to bed and asked me if i was crying. i told him that i poked my eye, no big deal. however, my eye really started hurting. twelve hours later, i decided that i had had enough pain (even though i did go to coin laundry by myself, what luxury. i also went to the house during that time. the outside is finished!) i asked yoshi to call the emergency hospitals that were open on sundays. he called around and found out that the AEON at kashiihama has an eye clinic that was open! awesome! shopping and a visit to the eye doctor. i was seen by a doctor, administered some medicine and given an eye patch (arrrr! i'm a pirate!) and given a prescription for more medicine. my eye is doing much better this morning.

yoshi had to get some 'thank you' gifts for relatives that had given us money for sasha. then we went about getting some lunch. but...it was too crowded (holidays and bad weather means busy shopping centers!) we decided to go to royal host in kashii--it has a salad bar which is a plus in its favor! we had a nice lunch and then went home.

from there it was a usual boring sunday afternoon (but i really got a hold on the laundry! the first time in nearly two weeks!)