why no christmas blog? because my camera is acting up. i haven't been able to take pictures since tuesday. sucks big time.

christmas was nice. because we couldn't go home, having christmas with medea and her husband was so lovely. nice dinner, friendly company, a quiet evening at home. i even got to win trivial pursuit! yay. they have a full size christmas tree, so it really felt like christmas. we opened our presents on the evening of christmas eve. well, hiro mainly opened presents. that was his thing this year! he even got to open sasha's presents, lucky boy! he wasn't all that interested in the goods, just tearing off the paper!

on chrismas eve we went to midori's for christmas lunch. lots of friends, food and talking. a very long day...hiro and sasha got lovely presents, yoshi slept on the couch (how rude!) and i ate far too much apple pie (yum yum yum!) we brought some home for medea's husband and also made up some ravioli and truely became over-full!

we went home on christmas. poor medea got sick. so so not a good christmas day for her! we drove up to fukuoka and visited friends in kurume. lots of food and wine (none for me, sadly) and cable TV. that was cool. we watched an episode of 'america's next top model' and made fun of the ladies, then we watched miss teen USA (our favorite didn't win) and mocked them, too (of course, keeping in mind that we are far from perfect ourselves!) it was fun, though, even if it does mean i'm evil! (i was the most mocking, isn't that funny! hee hee)

we will be spending the new year with the in-laws (though some things i may have to endure, at least i don't have to cook so that will be cool. i may not even eat that much, either, so perhaps i can lose some more weight!) hopefully my camera will start working properly again. that is, if i can find it first...