ok, so first off i have to say that it wasn't food poisoning after all! my cooking is good! i don't make people sick (even if it's only myself)! but having said that, i really wish it had been. because i was sick for three days. i mean really sick. and then queasy on friday and so-so today. stomach bugs bite the big one. hiro got it, too, though it doesn't seem to be as bad as mine. kinda gross when i have to change diapers, though. i'm pretty sure sasha escaped unscathed.

taking it easy today. it's raining again, the third day in a row. rain is good, especially if it makes it a bit warmer. it's cold, though not as cold as it was last weekend. and now that i think of it, i wonder if my sickness made me feel colder than i usually do. hmmm.