hi. it's been a long time. very busy here. not really, just lying to ya. haha.


i wanted to say more about christmas. with pictures! but my data card acted up, i deleted all the photos and so nothing from christmas. very sad about that, especially losing the cute pictures of hiro in his candycane pajamas and sasha sleeping under medea's tree. ah well, everything is ok otherwise.

new year

we went to yoshi's parents house for new year. same old same old. *sigh* well, at least i didn't have to cook. and i really tried hard to speak to my inlaws. here's a pic of the feast my MIL made:


it was good (well, i only ate the things i liked, so that was good.) i even enjoyed the fish. the tai. not the dried stuff. ew. on new year's eve my husband and his family (including our new sister-in-law) stayed up and watched the red-white singing contest. well, i guess my BIL and SIL spent a lot of their time in the 'kodomo-beya' watching the K-1 fights, but i'm pretty sure they all had soba together. i don't care for soba, and the truth is, i pretty much crash out when i put the kids to bed. ha.

new year's day we woke up late (nine a.m. is very late even for hiro and me.) we went to a local 'michi no eki', a kind of rest stop to have red bean soup. gross. everyone else (except sasha) enjoyed it. my stingy family enjoyed the price, too: free. then we went to an onsen. ya know, before i had kids i had to go to the bath with yoshi's mother (but that time, i wasn't married yet, either.) however, my BIL and his new wife got a family bath...i thought the reason yoshi and i got one was because i needed help with the kids. ah well, i'll try not to be bitter. and, i'll try to have charitable thoughts about my MIL. ok, done.

the new house

the house is done. on the sixth, we were allowed to go in and look it over. it's nice, though there were a few problems. i guess that's to be expected, and i hope that pointing them out means they'll be fixed before we get the keys (on the 16th.) yoshi had to go to the city on th tenth for some loan things. the kids and i went with him; what a tiring day that was. never again.