we have not yet been in our new house a month (well, perhaps technically we have, but not totally. and not before the weekend.) and my in-laws have already stayed the night. you can probably imagine how pissed off i was. saturday morning yoshi called his mother (because hiro wanted to. okay.) and she had the bright idea of staying over. you see, my father-in-law had an all day meeting on sunday, so oh, wouldn't it be great if they came up on saturday night and stayed with us. um, no. i guess i'm the only one who thinks this is incredibly rude. or even just a little. the house is still a wreck! I HAVE TWO SMALL CHILDREN TO TAKE CARE OF, not to mention a filthy rental house to clean, odds and ends to move from filthy house to new house, no where to put stuff and a husband who's gone more than twelve hours a day during the week.

i am still not pleased.

the worst thing is feeling like a jerk because i don't want my selfish mother-in-law around. and i certainly don't want her to see my messy house. how can she not think of this herself? and why, for the love of god, can my husband not tell her it's not a good idea? fuck. such a bad weekend.