we had a lovely weekend here. quiet, relaxing. yes, that means nothing got done. well, i unpacked some more of the kids' clothes, but really, nothing. hahaha. guess i can't complain about my in-laws coming over any more.

can i just say that medea's baby is just precious? i know he was only a day or two old when we saw him, but he would just sleep and cuddle just so. as any new mom would, medea kept him close and already learned much about him. it was so good to see them. i wish we didn't live so far apart.

last week i took the kids to the aquarium. and i got my teeth cleaned. that time the dentist found a cavity so i have to go back this week. i thought that i would go to dazaifu today to see the ume blossoms, but i changed my mind because it's so far, and i would have to pay for parking! so, now my week is not really planned (except for the dentist on thursday morning.) guess i better get to unpacking!