it was so lovely today. perfect weather. i actually opened all the windows in the house in the afternoon! spring is definitely on its way. not that this winter was very cold (it only snowed once!) but warm is good!

we went for a walk today. there's a local produce store nearby and we went there to get some veggies and fried sweet potato chips. hiro loves them but i hate them because they're so hard and cut up my mouth. all the way home he wanted to carry them and eat them! i told him to wait because i didn't want to carry an open bag of chips. so, he gave up, gave the bag to me and then insisted i carry him! ha! since we were pushing sasha in the stroller, he didn't get carried very far. he actually got tired on the way home. i think his nap was too short today, so hopefully he'll go to bed early tonight!

i gave sasha some apples today. well, baby applesauce. i made an order last week with expat express which includes baby cereal, but the box has yet to arrive! i am not happy about this. and i cannot find the number to the local delivery office so i can't call them and complain! expat has a tracking option on its website, so i know the damn box has been in town since yesterday!! and this morning it said it was being delivered, but this afternoon it said it was searching! the only thing i can think of is expat put my old address on the shipping label. otherwise, the delivery people are idiots! *sigh*

anyway, the apples came right back out, but sasha is enjoying sitting in her chair. and she hates the bouncy chair, so i think she wants to be in a more upright position. just as well, since i split my toe on the damn bouncy chair yesterday! time to put it away!