gee, it's been a week since i last posted. sometimes i think of things i'd like to write about, but i just don't seem to have the time. sure, i can spend lots of time on the internet, usually when nursing or just holding sasha, but that doesn't give me two hands free for typing. and then...the moment passes. i did want to post about my last visit to the dentist, but that was nearly two weeks ago and i just don't feel like it any more. and the kids do cute things, but then i forget them (oh, but one thing: hiro likes to identify things that belong to people. mommy's seat. daddy's seat. hiroyuki seat. sasha seat. very cute.) sasha has finally started eating solids, kind of. that's hard. *sigh* and i have to spent so much time alone with them. i mean, wednesday was a holiday here in japan, and yoshi actually had the day off. i was looking forward to having someone there to help me cope with the kids when...he found out an elderly relative died and he had to go to the funeral. jeez, i get no breaks! and tonight he's at a drinking party, which is why i have some time here to blog.

but other than that, life has just been plodding along. not that i'm really complaining. the days do get long. i start wishing for yoshi at around 6 pm when i know he probably won't be home before 8. but hiro and sasha won't be little forever, so i have to remind myself (often) to enjoy them, to play with them and remember their babyhood and toddler years.