with a vengence! on sunday dark clouds rolled in, propelled by blasting winds. damn, it was like a typhoon around here! my laundry lines were knocked down. and gardening supplies are all washed up against the fence. the temperature has surely dropped. from lovely balmy weather last week to snow today. brrrr. needless to say, i haven't cleaned up the yard. haha. guess i better do that before the weekend or more people won't want to buy a house.

sasha is killing me. probably a growth spurt but she wants to nurse every hour all night long. yoshi has started sleeping in the living room. hiro sleeps through it, which is a good thing, but i'm just dying. and she won't eat rice cereal or apple sauce or even mashed bananas. so far the only thing she likes is baby senbei, and that's only because she can hold it. i am drained. and so tired. wish me luck to get through this.