so, the past few weeks we haven't been doing nothing, that is, we have done something. something other than regular day to day stuff. we bought a car. a used car, but a car. or should i say, minivan. oh my. we are still waiting to receive it. yoshi got such a deal on it that he bought a few extras, and asked the nice people at honda to install them. like a gps thingy. and a camera for the back. and security. whee!

and in other news, i am pregnant! yay! isn't that exciting? were you expecting me to say that (since only two of you knew about it before now. ok, maybe three.) and, you'll never believe my due date: october 28. yes, hiro's birthday. what have i got myself into? this may explain why i've not gotten off my butt and cleaned/unpacked the house. only a few days left until the wedding and yoshi's relatives stay with us. i can't wait for it to be over. nearly done (with the downstairs. which is unpacked, by the way, just messy.) but. so. tired. and. pukey. yes, this time i seem to have stronger morning sickness, though i have yet to throw up. just gag. and dry heave once in a while. but i'm ten weeks now, hopefully only a couple more to get through.

well, that's it. no other confessions. anything at your end you wanna share?